Craigslist Scams

I recently have been looking for used vehicles on craigslist to buy from an owner to supposedly cut out the middle man.
Repeatedly I have run into people trying to scam me. Here are some of the tips to spot a scam in order of priority.

  1. They will mention in an email. “member of the eBay Money Back Guarantee program” This just means they don’t want to meet in person and want you to send the money over internet.
  2. They sometimes mention in the email: “I’m stationed in our military base” and so am out of state.
  3. “Text me your email so I can send you pics” Then email includes img URL.  Why not just use craigslist photo?
  4. “Text me your email because I am at work right now.”

Yahoo has some other good tips:–nine-notorious-scams.html

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