Day 195


Jack went for a bike ride and I was pushing the kids in the stroller. At the beginning of the ride, Jack fell over on his bike. He did not want to get back up. He made a big stink. Everyone in the neighborhood heard us negotiating on the sidewalk. He got back on his bike and started riding. We had to cross the street and a truck was coming. He road his bike straight into a bush.. head first. He was crabby. very crabby. We made it to the park, but he didn’t want to play. I told him that he was ok. That one time while I was skiing I hit a tree, but I was ok. He looked at me and said, “Mom, I never want to go skiing.” We were at the park for awhile, he started playing and having fun. On the way home, he fell off his bike again, he got back up, no complaining and rode the rest of the way home. Success!