Computers are Great

So since I have owned my mac I have had little positive things to say about Microsoft. Well, I found something today that is kinda cool. So here is the situation. It is about 15 minutes to 4 PM. I have a task in Microsoft outlook due at 4 PM. Since it is close to that time, on the right hand side of my outlook screen I have a To-Do Bar as it is called. On the To-Do bar where it says arranged by:  there is a little line that catches your eye because it animates a flash so you pay attention to it.  The big deal about this is it makes you pay attention to it before it is due so you can spend those few minutes to accomplish the task before it is done.  I definately have to say this is a great feature.  I know it is small, but I think the little things like that make it a good product.

Computers Mac

Boxee, Media, Online TV

An application that will change the network television industry. Am I the only one or are TV’s getting more and more expensive and out of date while media is going more and more online. Boxee is just one implementation of this. ITunesU is another media tool being used and used quite efficiently. We only turn the TV on on time a week. We actually don’t even keep the cable line plugged in to the TV all week except for that one time a week. I wonder if TV is becoming obsolete. How many TV shows or Media Events can you catch online? The LDS general conference is online. BYU TV has a site to broadcast their stuff online without need of a TV. Is this the way we are going? I wonder in this information age if this is where we are going to be in the future.  What do you think?


Google Contacts Merge

So I have been looking for the ultimate contacts management system for a while now.  Well the problem I always keep running into is being able to merge contacts.  Well friends, google has done it again.  You probably have all found this already but here it is.  Since I use google voice, this comes in real handy for being able to use one central place for all my contacts.  Google is it.  Exchange is great when you have access to it, but I wont be working for one company all my life, so I think google will be my life long repository for my contacts.  I think it would also be a little overkill to host my own exchange server.  Although, I would like the experience like these guys.