Computers are Great

So since I have owned my mac I have had little positive things to say about Microsoft. Well, I found something today that is kinda cool. So here is the situation. It is about 15 minutes to 4 PM. I have a task in Microsoft outlook due at 4 PM. Since it is close to that time, on the right hand side of my outlook screen I have a To-Do Bar as it is called. On the To-Do bar where it says arranged by:  there is a little line that catches your eye because it animates a flash so you pay attention to it.  The big deal about this is it makes you pay attention to it before it is due so you can spend those few minutes to accomplish the task before it is done.  I definately have to say this is a great feature.  I know it is small, but I think the little things like that make it a good product.

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