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This is the first post of a series I will do on blogging to explain my viewpoint.  I did some research on the subject for my undergraduate degree.  Most of this information will come from that with some update info.

Blogs: Healthy Journal Outlet or Potential Danger from Internet Predators

Blogging has become increasingly popular over the past ten years, especially in the Latter-day Saint culture. It is an easy and effective tool to share photos and stories about family members. However, hackers and internet predators are using it as an easy source to “enter” into your personal life in more ways than one. Blogging can still be a very efficient tool of communication; as long as bloggers become educated on how to properly and safely blog. Guard the information that you do include. Make sure the entries you have written will not come back to haunt you. Past information that has already been written, which may be intrusive to your life is very hard to simply erase. Password protected blogs are a much safer method if you chose to divulge personal information. The most important note to remember is: in order to keep you and your family safe and protected it is vital to become educated and take the proper precautions.

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