N & J

Our Last Night out on the Town with just the Two of Us.

Nic and I have been told from multiple sources the importance of going out on one last really good date with just the two of us, because for the next twenty years of our lives, we will always be worrying about our children, whether it be if we find a babysitter or taking them with us, or what not. We went to Craigo’s for some yummy sourdough pepperoni pizza, and then for dessert we had Oreo, carmel pizza, yummy!

While we were eating, I noticed (Nic was praying I wouldn’t notice, but I did) a couple who came and sat down near us, carrying an infant. The couple took the birthing class with us, which made me want to cry, because they were holding their infant and ours is still in my belly! I can do one more week right?

Then, we went and saw the Dark Knight. I had nightmares about the Joker last night, he was one bad dude! I make movies much more intense for poor Nic, because of my death grip on his hand or arm. He is such a sport!