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Troubleshooting iMac Freezing

These are in no particular order.  They are just in the order I tried them.
  1. Restart computer – First and the easiest is to restart the computer.  This resets temporary memory and
  2. find recently installed programs – uninstall those.
  3. Reset the P-RAM – Restart and hold down command + option + R+ P until restart.
  4. Disk Utility – Verify Disk, Verify permissions
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mac mail address intelisense

where does mac mail pull its address book intelisense?

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Mac OS X hostname Changing?

For some reason my hostname on my mac keeps changing.  I first noticed it when I loaded bootcamp with windows XP.   I have been bringing my computer to work and log onto their wireless and I start using synergy.  This is when I actually notice that the hostname has changed.  The reason I think it has something to do with windows or bootcamp is because the name of the windows machine name is what the hostname changes to.  I wonder what is going on here?

Mac Terminal


Another great experience with the terminal.  Since I reformatted I lost macfuse and sshfs to mount my server’s drive to my mac os x desktop to transfer files I had to find an alternative.  Yes I could use some FTP client but since I have learned how unsecure ftp can be I have started to used the command line anyways.  So to transfer my files I learned about scp.  Great little utilty.  Here’s the command:
scp file username@server:directory