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Internet Net-Work Model

In this article, I will discus the 5 layers of the Internet Network Model and what they do.  This model is not the same as the OSI model from which you are probably familiar, but it has many similarities.

  1. Physical layer – This is the lowest layer. It mainly is related to transmitting data bits over the actual physical line of wire or other medium.
  2. Data Link Layer – This layer is concerned with creating and understanding those messages and data bits that are transmitted over the wire.
  3. Network Layer – This is the layer that specifies the routes or paths along which a message should travel.
  4. Transport Layer – This is the layer that keeps up the logical connection legitimate for the duration of the request.
  5. Application Layer – This is the layer at which most people see and affiliate with the most. This includes the applications on the computer most people use to carry out their internet requests.

Automount shared volumes in OS X

I read this article online about how you can Automount a shared network drive based on your current wireless network.  This is something I will definately want to pursue as I have network volumes at home I am continuously connecting to but then the next day when I return to school I also have network drives I mount to my mac when I am doing things for work or sometimes classwork.  Any insight might be appreciated.  Please leave comments.  Here is the article I was reading.  This code does not completely comply with what I am trying to do, but it gives you an idea of the possibilities.  I would like to refresh my network drive shares every time my computer wakes up.  Also I was having a hard time with ruby as the language, maybe I find another implementation that I might feel more comfortable with.  Maybe
Python or something?