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Troubleshooting iMac Freezing

These are in no particular order.  They are just in the order I tried them.
  1. Restart computer – First and the easiest is to restart the computer.  This resets temporary memory and
  2. find recently installed programs – uninstall those.
  3. Reset the P-RAM – Restart and hold down command + option + R+ P until restart.
  4. Disk Utility – Verify Disk, Verify permissions
Mac Mac Mail

mac mail address intelisense

where does mac mail pull its address book intelisense?


WordPress Upload Size Max

Lately my wife has asked to have me help her with a blog. She wants to do a photoblog. The problem arises where some site have a limit on the file sizes you can upload to post. I have my own hosting so I set up a wordpress blog for her. In doing so, she also realized wordpress has a maximum file size as well. You can alter this setting by including a custom php.ini file of your own for that specific wordpress installation. You can google that to figure out how exactly you want to customize it: wordpress custom php.ini. The tough part for me was figuring out where to put that file. I finally figured it out after more research. The wp-admin directory is where the php.ini file goes. The reason for this is because the browser uploaded executes as you are in this directory to use the uploaded from the admin page.