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new TLD

So over the weekend I watched General Conference.  I saw a commercial for
Yes that is right the .com is raplaced by a .travel
I had never seen that before.  I knew ICANN was coming out with new top level domains but I didn’t seem to remember .travel being one of them.  So as I did some digging, came up.  I read this article for one of my grad school classes.  Very interesting material.  So these guys are providing new TLD’s.
ICANN is not sanctioning this though.  This company is completely doing this on their own.  The only way it works is if the person installs a browser plugin to actually recognize the TLD or if the ISP has partnered with them to recognize it in their own DNS.
I have not tried this out and I hesitate to do so until I see more exposure about it and I can get confirmation it really works.