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new TLD

So over the weekend I watched General Conference.  I saw a commercial for
Yes that is right the .com is raplaced by a .travel
I had never seen that before.  I knew ICANN was coming out with new top level domains but I didn’t seem to remember .travel being one of them.  So as I did some digging, came up.  I read this article for one of my grad school classes.  Very interesting material.  So these guys are providing new TLD’s.
ICANN is not sanctioning this though.  This company is completely doing this on their own.  The only way it works is if the person installs a browser plugin to actually recognize the TLD or if the ISP has partnered with them to recognize it in their own DNS.
I have not tried this out and I hesitate to do so until I see more exposure about it and I can get confirmation it really works.

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This is the first post of a series I will do on blogging to explain my viewpoint.  I did some research on the subject for my undergraduate degree.  Most of this information will come from that with some update info.

Blogs: Healthy Journal Outlet or Potential Danger from Internet Predators

Blogging has become increasingly popular over the past ten years, especially in the Latter-day Saint culture. It is an easy and effective tool to share photos and stories about family members. However, hackers and internet predators are using it as an easy source to “enter” into your personal life in more ways than one. Blogging can still be a very efficient tool of communication; as long as bloggers become educated on how to properly and safely blog. Guard the information that you do include. Make sure the entries you have written will not come back to haunt you. Past information that has already been written, which may be intrusive to your life is very hard to simply erase. Password protected blogs are a much safer method if you chose to divulge personal information. The most important note to remember is: in order to keep you and your family safe and protected it is vital to become educated and take the proper precautions.

Computer Security Computers Internet

The Deep Web

The internet has changed the way information is handled and it might be scary to find out how much information is really out there about you. I was surprised for sure.
First let clear up what exactly the deep web is. For this discussion we will classify it as data that is publicly availiable but that is not necesarily indexed by google or yahoo or other search engines for one reason or another.
One reason it might not be publicly availiable is because you might have to use input on some websites to come up with data. Google or other bots are not very good at that.
For instance:
if you go to this website and input your name, this is input that google could not just automate.

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Internet Net-Work Model

In this article, I will discus the 5 layers of the Internet Network Model and what they do.  This model is not the same as the OSI model from which you are probably familiar, but it has many similarities.

  1. Physical layer – This is the lowest layer. It mainly is related to transmitting data bits over the actual physical line of wire or other medium.
  2. Data Link Layer – This layer is concerned with creating and understanding those messages and data bits that are transmitted over the wire.
  3. Network Layer – This is the layer that specifies the routes or paths along which a message should travel.
  4. Transport Layer – This is the layer that keeps up the logical connection legitimate for the duration of the request.
  5. Application Layer – This is the layer at which most people see and affiliate with the most. This includes the applications on the computer most people use to carry out their internet requests.