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I would like to be able to post a thought to my homework page, and in the same instant, it posts to my twitter and facebook as well. This would give me much more feedback than just 20 students on a closed network.
Another idea I have is a kind of opensource paper writing application. In essence I have a paper to write for school, and so I go ahead and write it and then post it online somehow to where everyone can see it, they can then read it if they like and even comment on my paper. Those comments would further the paper’s overall quality with iterations because I can further explain in depth if someone comments they don’t understand a principle. I guess a blog would work. ūüôā

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From HTML to ServerSide HTML or PHP

HTML is a programming language.  Even though the hard core programmers consider it very limited and almost not a programming language, it still is what they are able to view this post as well as every other webpage with.
HTML is a language that the computer can read amazingly fast and make the “stuff” viewable for us humans. So an HTML page has to have certain elements so that the browser can read it to make it viewable. ¬†Standards and that sort of thing all make this happen.
When making the switch to ServerSide HTML, all of these things still exist.  The only change is you can you programming to make repetitions or read the information from a database instead of having to hard code each line of HTML.
HTML – This is raw static HTML the server can just put out there right away.

This is the body

PHP – This is also raw static HTML that the server can just serve up without thinking about it.

This is the body

The only difference between these two statements is how many steps it goes through to actually become raw HTML code that your browser can read. The server will actually process and evaluate “This is the body” in this second statement before it is converted into raw html. This next piece of code would give the same exact result to the user:

<?php echo "This is the body"; ?>

or make the text much more dynamic:

<?php //Pull a paragraph from another file or a database ?>

This commented code is where we could put a very dynamic piece pulling from another file or a database.
This is what WordPress is essentially built on.
Please comment for any clarifications you might need or if I just missed something entirely.


“I Want That”

So I recently have been introduced to Kynetx. If you haven’t heard, “This changes everything.”
I would like to paint a picture for you. Think about how the internet now is used. We shop, we find maps, we looks at our friend or family’s blog. Well, think about internet as you want it to be. You have all this information out there that has been seen by you and then some that hasn’t been seen by you. The internet can be the ultimate productivity tool for you. I would love to be able to use the infonet to help me find ways to shop better. I say the word better because everyone is different. Better for a lot of people can mean cheaper, but it also can mean healthier, greener, or even just plain better quality.
My grandpa hates Wal-Mart. In his mind, wal-mart stands for the worst quality product that is the cheapest thing imported from china. All of that may be true, so for him, when he shops online, he only shops from quality stores that he knows he will get a good product. If this information were being used and helped him make shopping decisions online, I guarantee he would have a better experience using the internet.
I am here to tell you this information can be used for your benefit.
I sat down for lunch with a good friend of mine and talked about this very thing. If the internet could be more useful in one way, it would be to give me BETTER information. I say better again because better is based upon the current baseline and ME. My better is different than my wife’s better.
Her better would be next to a recipe, have the total calories and saturated fat for that particular recipe before she prints it off to cook it to see if it meets her criteria. Better would be to only show the ones that are 0 grams of saturated fat. If she has made the goal not to eat any saturated fat, then why even show those recipes that have more than 0? This is called context automation. This is how fulfilling your internet experience can be.
So when I sat down with my friend, he told me about this idea, and I just realized that this has been the frustration of my internet browsing as far back as I can remember. I have to admit the human mind is very good at sifting through information to find what you really want but what if you didn’t have to sift? What if you could hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button every time and it was a direct hit every single time? I think it is possible. What about you?
Kynetx is making this happen.


Automount shared volumes in OS X

I read this article online about how you can Automount a shared network drive based on your current wireless network.  This is something I will definately want to pursue as I have network volumes at home I am continuously connecting to but then the next day when I return to school I also have network drives I mount to my mac when I am doing things for work or sometimes classwork.  Any insight might be appreciated.  Please leave comments.  Here is the article I was reading.  This code does not completely comply with what I am trying to do, but it gives you an idea of the possibilities.  I would like to refresh my network drive shares every time my computer wakes up.  Also I was having a hard time with ruby as the language, maybe I find another implementation that I might feel more comfortable with.  Maybe
Python or something?


Version Control Sharing

So yesterday in CIT235 Mike Grace asked an intriguing question and I had the same question and also at the same time I had all these things running through my head on how I could accomplish the solution.  His question had to do with when there is a group of people working on a project how do you all work on the code at the same time and not be conflicting.  He had used the versioning implementation of Dreamweaver and had problem with it crashing on him.  So it sounds like Dreamweaver needs some help with a robust versioning client.  So I started doing some research.  Then I remembered I have a Mac which is unix based, so SVN is already installed.
The one problem with it is that you have to have an online repository available directly to the internet.  My development machine is my laptop so I dont have a public IP address on it to be directly availiable on the internet to checkin and checkout code on.
So then I remembered Josh had set me up with a free online repository with all the bells and whistles a while back.  It includes tracking and task management as well.
Enter Assembla.
So this is what I will use for the time being to solve my issue.
By the way it was so cold outside this morning on my way to walk to school that my neck up to the top of my head had no feeling by the time I made it to my class.


Hello world!

Hello world is the beginning of any programming tutorial.  I am not a programer and do not claim to be one.  But, nonetheless, I am actually taking two, and you could argue, three advanced programming classes in school this semester.  I would like to start this blog as a way to solidify my understanding and knowledge about pl/sql, java, and php.  Hope this helps you as well as me.