Version Control Sharing

So yesterday in CIT235 Mike Grace asked an intriguing question and I had the same question and also at the same time I had all these things running through my head on how I could accomplish the solution.  His question had to do with when there is a group of people working on a project how do you all work on the code at the same time and not be conflicting.  He had used the versioning implementation of Dreamweaver and had problem with it crashing on him.  So it sounds like Dreamweaver needs some help with a robust versioning client.  So I started doing some research.  Then I remembered I have a Mac which is unix based, so SVN is already installed.
The one problem with it is that you have to have an online repository available directly to the internet.  My development machine is my laptop so I dont have a public IP address on it to be directly availiable on the internet to checkin and checkout code on.
So then I remembered Josh had set me up with a free online repository with all the bells and whistles a while back.  It includes tracking and task management as well.
Enter Assembla.
So this is what I will use for the time being to solve my issue.
By the way it was so cold outside this morning on my way to walk to school that my neck up to the top of my head had no feeling by the time I made it to my class.